Interactive Darts

Throwin' Darts Breakin' Hearts

Where else would you find the latest in entertainment technology colliding with a stone-cold pub classic? Interactive Darts is the same game you know and love, with a virtual twist. Think regular darts, but with interactive games projected directly onto the dartboard.

No messy chalkboards. No boring calculators.

Available only at select Strike locations!

How it Works

We'll set your group up at your oche (dart lane, rhymes with 'hockey') and show you how to use our interactive system to pick teams, select a game and even alter the level of difficulty.

You'll throw real darts at a real dartboard with interactive gameplay projected directly onto the dartboard itself (no big VR goggles necessary). Our interactive dartboard instantly detects where your shot has landed and animates the results with smooth, exciting video, sounds and graphics.

Find out more about the games below.

The games

Throw darts, and break hearts at one of these locations

Frequently Asked Questions

What is interactive darts?

The latest competitive socialising phenomenon, Interactive Darts, is just like the game you know and love, but with a virtual twist. You'll throw regular metal-tipped darts at a real dart board, but that dartboard has fun and interactive games projected onto it. (No VR goggles necessary.)

Using revolutionary technology, Interactive Darts instantly detects where your shot has landed and animates the results with smooth, exciting video and graphics.

You can select games, pick teams and even alter the level of difficulty. So whether you’re a fledgling flinger or a pro pitcher, this is the game for you.

The best way to know what it's really like is to roll into Strike and give it a go yourself!

What Strike venues have Interactive Darts?

Augmented Darts are available at Strike Melbourne Central, Strike Kings St Wharf, Strike Highpoint, Strike Chatswood and Strike Cavill.

Are darts included in function packages?

Darts aren't included in any of our function packages, however, you can add darts onto your chosen package! Just give our bookings team a call on 1300 787 453 and a member of our team will look after you.

How do I book Interactive Darts?

Interactive Darts can be booked online here. Alternatively, you can give us a call on 1300 787 453.

What is an oche?

An oche (rhymes with the word 'hockey') is the name given to the throwline in darts. It is the line at which a player must stand behind when throwing their darts at the dartboard.

How many people can play on each oche?

We have a max group size of 8 people per oche. If you have more than 8 people, we can split your group over the two oches (pending availability).

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