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Food & Drinks

Hustled up some hunger?

Fire up those tastebuds because Strike is ready to blow your socks off. We’re slinging delicious pizzas, burgers, share plates and snacks guaranteed to be a STRIKE! 

Looking to quench your thirst? No worries, our fully-equipped cocktail bar has you covered.

Menus vary slightly per venue. We've put some of our favourite picks below, but please pick your nearest location to view the menu.

Fully equipped cocktail bar

Another bowling alley serving beer? Not quite...

Our fully-equipped cocktail bar takes the lane-side libations up to 11. From margaritas to martinis, we’ve got all the classics on deck, as well as in-house creations!

And just because you’re not on the alcohol shouldn’t mean your bevs are boring — we're dish up delicious mocktails too! Pull up a stool or order it straight to your lane — however you prefer it, we can shake or stir it.

Need a Feed?

Vegan, Vegetarian and No Gluten Ingredient options available

Liquor on the lanes

Most standard cocktails also available in a 0% Alcohol version featuring Lyres Non-Alcoholic spirits



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