Accessibility at Strike Bowling

Inclusiveness for all abilities

Inclusiveness is at the core of our Funlab values, and we always work hard to make sure our Strike venues are accessible for all people no matter their ability or background.

Strike Bowling accepts Companion Cards and offers free bowling and laser tag for carers. We also offer all-day every-day discounted bowling and laser tag to all people with a disability when they visit our venues. Contact our friendly concierge team to organise your discounted visit today.

Accessibility Features

Companion Cards & Discounts

Strike accepts Companion Cards and offers free bowling & laser tag for carers. To help make the venue more accessible, we offer all-day every-day discounted Bowling & Laser Tag to all people with a disability. Contact our wonderful concierge team to organise your discounted visit today.

Call our friendly concierge team for bookings/more information:

Strike NSW

+61 2 7202 4994

Strike QLD

+61 7 3053 5653

Strike VIC

+61 3 7003 9612

Strike WA

+61 8 6271 3999

Sensory Issues

We know that sometimes our venues can be overwhelming for those with sensory sensitivities. So we are currently working to complete sensory maps by the end of 2023. In the mean time, some of our venues have the ability to turn down music and lights to create a calmer, more relaxed environment.

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