Escape Rooms coming to Strike, Melbourne Central ­on 5th August 2016

Australia’s ultimate entertainment company, Strike, is leveling up and bringing the next generation in escape rooms to Melbourne Central. While the venue already boasts 10 world­ class bowling lanes, an immersive laser tag arena and on­ display music videos, as well as a slick and sophisticated cocktail bar, this futuristic, tech ­style escape room is a world first and takes this already hugely popular experience to a whole new level.

Similar to standard escape rooms, these games are based on a simple premise: one room. One team. 50 minutes. A challenging and interactive real ­life game where you and your team of 2–6 are trapped in a room and have 50 minutes to find a way out. Together you need to find hidden objects, crack clues and beat the clock to escape the room. However, the similarities stop there.

With the use of artificial intelligence technology, the never­ before ­seen gameplay immerses you in an escape room experience that automatically tailors itself to your skill level throughout the game. Struggling to crack clues? The room will help out with hints in real time. Much like the gameplay, the scoring is also intuitive, at the end of your session, you’ll receive a printed customised ranking based on the speed you worked at, the number of clues you needed (or didn’t) and each individual’s level of contribution and teamwork.

Strike’s Group Operations Director Blaise Witnish said: “We’re really excited to introduce Escape Rooms to Melbourne Central. Tailoring to each team member’s strengths/weaknesses the room lends itself to giving the satisfaction of cracking a clue, even if it has altered it to suit you. It requires cooperation, communication, concise and clever thinking, and a whole lot of fun, so it’s the perfect way to take the tediousness out of corporate events or team building activity!”