On Saturday the 20th of Oct, a security guard at our Strike QV venue made discriminating remarks and wrongful assumptions towards a guest’s gender while using our bathroom facilities. In light of this, we wish to reaffirm our commitment to the inclusion of all our guests. We are an inclusive company with our values reflecting so, regardless of gender, age or race. To hear of this incident leaves us feeling extremely upset and embarrassed that any of our guests would feel discriminated against or harassed.

It is our number one focus to ensure we investigate and reconcile this incident with the guests directly affected. Our external suppliers are an extension of our business so we take full responsibility and believe this incident highlights the need to re-educate our internal team and insist that our external security company understand our values in more detail and takes the necessary actions to make sure no other Strike guest experiences this again.

Our company was built and based on being fun and inclusive of all and in the 16 years Strike has been in operation, our goal has always been to welcome all our guests without exception or judgement. With a workforce of over 1,000 people, we take the same approach as we do with our guests - everyone is equal and treated the same.

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