Win a $1000 party for you and nine mates at Strike Macquarie!

Including 2 games of bowling, 2 games of laser tag, 2 escape room experiences, and a $400 bar tab.

What better way to celebrate end of exams than a FREE party at Strike?

We’re giving away a party for not one, not five, but for TEN people! That’s right, you can get the gang back together from that one group project you ended up doing all the work for... Or you could bring people you actually like.

Whoever you bring, you’ll bowl it up for a couple of games, before being thrown into another group project - cracking the codes and working together to make it out of one of our escape rooms. After you’ve broken free (or are ‘trapped for eternity’ or ’dead’ and quietly let out by our staff), you can head on down to the bar to finish off your $400 bar tab.

Sound good? Fill out the form below for your chance to win! Don’t forget to get your friends to enter too - y’all know how probability works.


Winner must be available on Tuesday 5th December 2017 in order to redeem prize. Competition closes midnight 25th November.

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