Some of the fun we serve is real hands-on and we’ve always done a pretty gosh darn good job with hygiene. But, boy, have we turned it up to 11.

We have put a number of measures in place to help keep our guests safe and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

What we're doing


  • Hand sanitiser stations at entries and exits, as well as throughout the venue.
  • Additional wipes, sanitiser and gloves available to guests at all times.
  • Consistent and regular communication to guests and staff about maintaining safe hygiene.
  • We’ll have team members dedicated to ensuring all our hygiene supplies stay fully stocked and accessible.

Cleaning Procedures

  • An external cleaning company will complete daily cleaning before we open to the public.
  • Constant sanitising and disinfecting of all areas and equipment prior to use.
  • Cleaning blitzes every 30 minutes.
  • Increased cleaning and sanitisation of communal areas, including bathrooms.


  • Staggered bookings - guests will need to book to ensure you have more fun with less people.
  • Reduced capacity of activities areas - our team will be closely monitoring the flow and number of people on the lanes.
  • Clearly marked safe standing zones and areas using floor decals, bollards and signage.
  • Reduced capacity in tight or enclosed spaces (like the toilets).
  • Waves only - no hand-shaking or high-fiving.
  • Reduced overall capacity and group booking size in line with state mandated guidelines.
  • Reviewed seating plan to ensure groups are kept a safe distance from each other.
  • Dedicated separate seating area for all groups
  • Closure of certain attractions and activities where we cannot guarantee safe social distancing, like karaoke and escape rooms.
  • Staff allocated to ensuring that social distancing measures are being actively adhered to at all times.

What we need you to do

Planning a visit? We can’t wait to see you!

If you’re experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms (high temperature, dry cough, sore throat, difficulty breathing), or have been in contact with someone who has these symptoms, please stay home.

We’ll still be here when you’re feeling better and will gladly honour your booking. Give us a call on 1300 787 453 to reschedule.

We ask that you please consider the following:

Before you arrive

  • Pre-book to ensure your space is ready for you when you arrive.
  • Please bring a method of contactless payment, as we’re going cash-free in our venues.
  • You’ll be required to register the details of at least one person in your group to ensure track and trace procedures can be followed if required by the government.
  • Only arrive 5 minutes before your booked start time.

In the venue

  • Play it safe - ensure you’re staying in your bubble and practising social distancing at all times.
  • Take advantage of our hygiene stations.
  • Please check in when you arrive at the venue.
  • We ask our guests to comply with these regulations to ensure that everyone will have a good time. Non-compliance may result in losing your booking and being asked to leave the premises.
  • VIC, NSW, a reminder that our venues are currently closed due to lockdown. Find out more below.

For more Covid-19 information and updates (and how it impacts Strike in each state) head here.

We will continue to act in accordance with government advice, and will constantly monitor our policies and procedures to ensure we’re doing the best thing for our guests and team members to keep everyone safe.

If you have any other questions about our hygiene practices, social distancing measures or cleaning procedures please give us a call on 1300 787 453.