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Oh, so you're one of those people that looks up the menu before going anywhere? Preach.

All your fave menu items are now bookable online.

Since you're here, why not add food and drinks to your booking? We'll deliver it straight to your lane and you'll spend less time in line.

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Bless our cotton socks!

Add some fresh Strike socks to your booking so you don't need to bring your old ones from home.

$7 each



Get a little extra bang for your buck!

Value Deals

Drink n Pizza | $22

Grab a pizza and a drink! Pick any pizza from our menu and a house beer, wine, cider or soft drink.

Cocktail, Socks n Pizza | $35

Get your favourite cocktail from our menu, a pizza and a pair of socks!

Bargain Time | $89

Can't decide what you want yet? Grab a $100 TAB and decide when you visit.

Bargain for a Bunch | $199

Booking for a group? Grab a $220 Bar Tab and 4 pairs of Strike Socks!

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