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We’re proud to have incredibly dedicated and passionate Strikers across all roles and locations. We value their exceptional service, lead talented teams, go Above & Beyond behind the scenes for seamless operations and pay-forward support to one-another.


There are countless examples of DING! (Development, Investment, Nurturing = Growth) at all levels in our Fun Family, here’s a taste of a few...


Maria | Sales and Marketing Manager

Maria, fondly known as ‘MG’, joined Funlab as an admin assistant back in 2011, hollering from the green pastures of Ireland with a rich background in retail management, she has bounded from strength to strength and now heads the Marketing & Sales departments. 
Why: “It is a great place to work - so much opportunity if you want it and a great working environment, surrounded by great people.”
Dress up choice: “It must be the ‘Queen of Hearts’ - THAT HAIR!!”


Niall | General Manager

Niall climbed aboard back in 2008, humbly starting as a casual shift supervisor at Strike and like a duck to water quickly progressed to through numerous appointments to Venue Manager, before State and then General Manager. 
Why: “My personal drive has been a great match between my ambition, a company with a culture for driving and developing people and some great mentors.”
Dress up choice: “A leprechaun ’ be sure!’ - being Irish it’s an easy put on”

Chelsea | Group HR Director

Chelsea started her Strike journey as a casual team member back in the first chapter. She helped with the training and recruitment of all the new venues as they began popping up along the east coast. Now the Group HR Director and with 16 Strike & Sky Zone launches under her belt the emphasis is on setting up the person next to you for success.
Why: “It’s seeing the change over all these years especially the progression of our people nationwide.”
Dress up choice: “Give me a morph suit any day!”


Naz | Training and Development Manager

Naz has contributed to Funlab since 2007. With a hospitality and performing arts background, he started in the true action and delivered ‘Next Level WOW’ to our guests as a casual, Striker. Flash, to present day, as Training and Development Manager he supports the great network with the People & Culture Team. 
Why: “Honestly, I feel valued - I know my investment, passion and hunger is valued. It doesn’t feel like ‘work’ when you love what you do”
Randomness: “I have spent more hours (and internet bandwidth) than I care to admit learning flair bartending from YouTube...and I can still hold my own!”

Liam | Assistant Venue Manager

Liam became a Striker in 2011, starting as a casual team member and bringing with him an aptitude for customer service and passion for media and photography. He soon progressed from supervisor to Assistant Venue Manager and through his passion, contributes videography expertise regularly for professional and internal use.
Why: "Strike and Funlab have always been extremely invested in me and everything I have wanted to do. Strike has taught me so much both in my personal and professional and I continue to each day."
Randomness: "My fellow Strikers won’t have already known this, but I use to be part of a 4 piece comedy band, even playing the Melbourne International Comedy Festival."