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The next generation of escape rooms is here!

Using artificial intelligence technology, our never-before-seen gameplay immerses you in an escape room experience that automatically tailors itself to your skill level throughout the game.

Struggling to crack clues? The room will help out with hints in real time. Finding solutions like it ain't no thing? Prepare for the task difficulty to be taken up a notch. It's all about giving you the best escape room experience possible.

Much like the gameplay, the scoring is also intuitive. At the end of your session, you'll receive a printed customised ranking based on the speed you worked at the number of clues you needed (or didn't) and level of teamwork.

Exitus Powered by Cubescape NOW OPEN at Strike Glen Waverley, Melbourne Central and Entertainment Quarter. 




The Old Haunt Escape Room
Shut Down Escape Room


You and a group of friends are out exploring in the country when the storm hits. In search of refuge, you stumble across a deserted home. Breaking in you are trapped in a long-abandoned world with a strange past and an uncertain future. Solve the riddle before the past catches up with you?

Now open at Glen Waverley and Melbourne Central.


IRIS is a world-first artificial intelligence program – a computing advancement that Exodine can’t afford to have offline. Shut down by a bitter employee trying to sabotage the company’s success, your team has been sent in to get the IRIS system back up… but maybe the employee wasn’t so bitter after all.

Now open at Melbourne Central and Entertainment Quarter.