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Exitus Powered by Cubescape

The next generation in escape rooms is here!

Exitus Escape Room NOW OPEN at Melbourne Central and Entertainment Quarter. OPENING SOON at Glen Waverley!
Using artificial intelligence technology, our never-before-seen gameplay immerses you in an escape room experience that automatically tailors itself to your skill level throughout the game.
Struggling to crack clues? The room will help out with hints in real time. Finding solutions like it ain’t no thing? Prepare for the task difficulty to be taken up a notch. 
Much like the gameplay, the scoring is also intuitive. At the end of your session, you’ll receive a printed customised ranking based on the speed you worked at, the number of clues you needed and each individual’s level of contribution and teamwork. 



One room. One team. 50 minutes.

A bit of thinking and a lot of fun.


Exitus has three various puzzle rooms for each locations. With nine different themes altogether, choose your escape room experience and gather your players, if you dare.
A challenging and interactive real life game where you and your team are trapped in a room, and have 50 minutes to find a way out. Everything around you could be a clue. Together you need to find hidden objects, solve riddles, crack clues and beat the clock to escape the room.
Feeling spooked? Don’t worry, calm your nerves and remember that our rooms are large enough to hold 6 people freely with ample space to move around and look for clues. Most people who have yet to experience an escape room get the jitters but settle in upon entering the room - ready for the investigation! 
*Please see our FAQs for other bits and pieces.


The Rooms

Each of our venues contain three themed escape rooms. Click on the rooms below to see where they are located.

  • The Old Haunt

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  • Shutdown

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  • Jailbreak

    See More
  • Moonshot

    See More
  • Casino Heist

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  • Da Vinci

    See More
  • Injustice

    See More
  • Butcher's Burrow

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  • Forensic

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  • The garden

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Available Locations
A) Strike QV
B) Strike Highpoint
C) Strike Melbourne Central
D) Strike King Street Wharf
E) Strike Macquarie
F) Strike Entertainment Quarter
G) Strike Wintergarden

Coming Soon...

H) Strike Glen Waverley